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Charles, interesting subject ... that was the main topic of conversation Friday night at Gnomedex among a small handful. Of course, part of the reason for the discusion was Microsoft's announcement on Friday about MSIE 7 and how it planned to implement RSS subscription.

MSIE plans to have a bug that "lights up" (like onfolio) with a "+" sign to sub ... clicking on the RSS/XML button launches a "pretty" page (they apply and XLST style sheet on the fly, IIRC).

The "light" on Firefox is, IMO, in the wrong place (lower right) -- and thinks that Firefox is your reader. What if it's bloglines or Thunderbird or ...? Ideally, the action would be a popup that lets you pick the reader -- for those of us who aren't into the browser-as-swiss-army-knife model.

Looking forward to learning more about onfolio.



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