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Dave Winer

1. It's six years not three.

2. It only shows you new stuff not old stuff.

Charles Teague

You're right- not sure where I got 3!

You're right about the interactive newspaper only showing the new items. There are a couple of things about the newspaper that are worth noting:

- We do provide a drop down at the top that lets you see either unread only or all items. You can customize the newspaper behavior to be whichever you'd prefer, by default.

- We let you see a newspaper for any level of your feed folder hierarchy (so I can go folder by folder, for example) or for the whole thing. You can choose whether you'd like a river or a tributary :).

I appreciate you taking the time to comment, because I really think that you have the reading experience right- the browser and html is an experience that is excellent. That said, there are some manageability advantages to the 3 pane style interactive readers. With our newspaper, we were really hoping that we'd provide both!

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